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Federation Governing Board




On 1st September 2018, 9 Birmingham Local Authority Maintained Nursery Schools federated. We have a shared vision to achieve a single sustainable organisation, city wide, with strong strategic governance and leadership delivering an inclusive and safe child-led learning experience, strong family partnerships and outstanding outcomes for all children.  

The 9 nursery schools are clustered into 3 smaller groups, each served by a 'Local Committee'. These groupings are:


Allens Croft                 Lillian De Lissa NS                  Adderley

Jakeman                        Newtown NS School             Gracelands 

Shenley Fields             St Thomas Centre                  Highfield


Our Elected Governors are:


Sean Delaney - Operations Manager at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) 


Carl Finn - Co-opted Governor 

Clerk to FGB:

Ruth Mashiter - SIPS Education

Executive Head Teacher's:

David Aldworth - Executive Head Teacher - Allens Croft NS, Jakeman NS and Shenley Fields NS 

Mandy Cryan - Executive Head Teacher - Lillian De Lissa NS, Newtown NS and St Thomas Centre NS

Sharon Lewis - Executive Head Teacher - Adderley NS, Gracelands NS and Highfield NS

Yasmin Akhtar - Co-opted Governor

Sally Andrews - Co-opted Governor, Safeguarding Governor

Laura Brodie - Co-opted Governor

James Clarke - Co-opted Governor

Sarah Fallows- Co-opted Governor 

Jade Fawns- Parent Governor

Michelle Howles - Co-oped Governor

Yupu Lin- Co-opted Governor 

Jessica Mattocks- Co-opted Governor  

Christine Pascal-Co-opted Governor 

Claire Raey - Co-opted Governor 

John Ritson - LA Governor

Lorna Rose- Co-opted Governor 

Nadeem Shabir - Parent Governor

Susan Sidaway - Co-opted Governor

Margaret Sullivan - Co-opted Governor 

John Taylor - Co -opted Governor

Jacqueline White - Co-opted Governor 


You may contact the Chair of the Board (Mr Sean Delaney) by sealed letter via our school office.

Contact Information

Strategic School Business Manager: Selina Galsinh

Tel: 0121 675 0362

Mob: 0792 325 7396

Email: s.galsinh@allenscn.bham.sch.uk

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